Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some Responses

Hi Sunny
I think I am not the only one mandated to work for a cause. All of us can do it. I chose rescue of victims of trafficking as my mission maybe you can select one of the areas you had mentioned. I think it is all our collective efforts from different angles that will make a better world for all of us. Regarding your comment that by rescuing victims I am promoting rape(as all sexually deprived men will go berseck) all that I can say is we have over 94% of victims still living in those hellholes and I am afraid there is no reduction in sexual violence either here in India or elsewhere.

Dear Anonymous friend,
Prajwala is a income tax exempted registered non-profit organization. I did not have to pay any tax for all the TED contributions. It is just recently after I refused to pay bribe to a Income Tax (Exemption) officer that an assessment order has been passed that I am a commercial institution and that I should pay tax. The order has already been stayed. And we are right now filing an appeal against the order. You can check our website to know more on how to support us.

Thank you all for all your support and good wishes.


  1. Hello Sunita,
    Please do not be afraid of writing the name of that IT officer. You have support of many people and that IT officer should atleast get some bad pubilicity.


  2. haha I like your responses. Most of these people can only sit in the comfort of their homes and criticize what you do. Don't let it get to you.