Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One Year After TED

Cannot imagine that one year has gone by, last year during the same time I was attending the TED conference. A conference I went with heavy heart and came back as a elated soul. I remember my first day at TED I was overwhelmed and intimidated. Among all these innovators,scientists, entrepreneurs,performers where do I stand as a activist. I have neither humor to make people laugh nor innovation that can make people look at me with awe. My first evening reception was a disaster to say the least. Within me I felt so insignificant in a world of creativity and power.
And then my world changed after I spoke, I felt so much loved and cherished. The next two days were bliss and it was as if the Gods were conspiring to make me feel included,cherished and honored. Years of pain and exclusion just washed away. Support poured in, miracles happened. Problems which were gnawing me suddenly became easily manageable.Issues like eviction became less threatening as support poured in for construction. Google donated 1 million dollars for the construction( it reduced my struggles by 80%).
I became techno literate( started my blog, facebook etc...). Post TED my world did change for good...today support networks are more,there are people interested to know about our trails and tribulations and most importantly the silence around the cause of sex trafficking is systematically breaking. There are at least 6 facebook communities( the ones I know) who are talking on sex trafficking.
But this year has also been a year of challenges. Challenges that threatened the very root of the organization. You cannot have it all....
-For many years the organization has been seriously looking for an ideal person to lead the Economic Rehabilitation Program(ERP). The look out was for a person with sound business ideas and also sensitivity to understand the special needs of trafficked survivors. This ambitious expectation, took as to many fora to identify the right person. Efforts were also put in through newspaper advertisements etc. A lot of money was spent in this search. After two years of search a ray of hope was seen when miraculously we found two persons( a dear friend put our requirement on Dev Net and that started the ball rolling), one with a management expertise and the other with marketing skills. The expert in management was made the Coordinator of ERP.
As the leader of the team I, for once was relieved to hand over a lot of my responsibilities to another person especially related to business and marketing. For more than a month and a half we lived in euphoria as brilliant ideas to promote the business was tossed around and there was generally an air of great happening. Till one day when I met a customer who owed us some payment. As usual when I asked him when he was going to pay up he was shocked and informed me that he had already paid at least a month back. Immediately I called up our accounts section to find out why this customer appeared in the recovery list. And they informed me that the money has never reached them and they were constantly following up with the Coordinator, who had promised them that the money will recovered at the earliest. Immediate probe into the matter revealed that the Coordinator in collaboration with the Marketing Executive had already collected payments in cash at least a month earlier. Due to early detection we were able to prevent large-scale misappropriation of funds. Both the coordinator and marketing executive were dismissed from services and the funds misappropriated were recovered. I was forced to hold additional charges of looking after the enterprise.
-As this crises was happening in ERP, the second generation prevention program which had started an economic rehabilitation unit for prostituted women (who were also mothers of children studying in the transition centers) faced severe resistance from the brothel keepers and brokers/pimps. One of the transition centers was vandalized. Tube lights, fans, flower pots were damaged. Property worth Rs 40,000/ (approx. 900$) was destroyed. A police case was lodged.
-In the shelters, two shocking events happened. The biggest escapade of 10 victims from a ventilator on a rainy day was extremely depressing. As this was the first time such an event had happened in the shelter. The profile of the victims escaped revealed that all were witnesses in different cases. Only three of them did not appear to be connected to any case. One of three abandoned her 6 months baby and ran away. With a heavy heart we had to hand over the child to the court who handed the baby to the Government Orphanage. This happened in the month of September. Through reliable sources we also came to understand that there were traffickers posing as victims in the shelter whose main goal was to make all the victims who were witnesses hostile through intimidation. Unfortunately we could not spot the traffickers(we have a over crowded shelter right now). But what we were able to do was to strengthen the security measures internally. Slowly all loopholes were plugged. Maybe it was the realization of futility of efforts that the traffickers felt frustrated which forced them to go on a rampage within the shelter. TV, Fridge, tube-lights, sound system, CD Player, tables & chairs were destroyed. Three staff and three resident victims were injured in this act of aggression. Utter chaos prevailed for more than an hour, until staff from all units rushed and controlled the situation. The silver lining, we were able to spot all the 10 infiltrators. They were handed over to the police. The damage other than property( 2 lacs , approx. 4250 $) was the morale of the staff which heavily came down. Three senior staff from other interventions who witnessed the episode resigned. Interestingly those who were hurt have become more committed to the cause. Now there is acute staff shortage in the organization and my own movements (travelling outside Hyderabad) has been cut down considerably as only physical presence is boosting the morale of my team.
-During the same period the security of the head office was put under tremendous risk when the organization got involved in two high profile cases in September. One case in which an inspector of police raped a 14 yr old girl. I was personally involved in not only booking the case but also providing safe shelter to the child victim. Consequently there was constant drama in the office premises with media having a hay day. In another case three girls were rescued from a reputed spa which was a front for prostitution. In the second case the office was filled with claimants & lawyers demanding access to the victims. Threatening and intimidating calls from very powerful people also poured in.
-Outside Hyderabad, at the construction end, where we are building our new shelters it was a shocking news when the newspaper reported that the cost of the construction material has increased by 200%. As per the new prices we need another 400,000$ to complete the construction. In a context when we have to vacate the existing rented premises by Dec 31st 2010 it is a huge challenge to raise this this kind of funds in just two months.
-And finally the king of all crises, last year we faced trouble with an official working in the income tax department after we refused to give her bribe. The lady in question a Jt. Commisioner of income tax promptly passed an order that we are a commercial profit-making institution and that we had to immediately pay tax to the tune of 45lacs (approx. 100000 $) to the department. We fought the case and we won and I thought it was over for good. Short lived was my relief as the department has now challenged the order in the tribunal( highest court for the income tax cases).
And my saga continues... a year after TED what do I feel?
Miracles give you renewed energy but life goes on and bigger battles await you at every corner.


  1. The struggles will make you stronger.Log atte gaye aur karavan badhta gaya...

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  2. a magazine guided me to prajwala,the TED talk showed me the founder of prajwala and whome to follow...

  3. Madam, I once sent you an email. I never got a reply. I thought it didn't interest you. Nevertheless please send me your contact email to info@targetisthemarket.com

  4. Ms. Krishnan,
    I just listened to your talk at TED last year via an RSS feed. I just wanted to tell you how inspiring and motivating your talk was.

    A couple of friends and I are in the process of starting a non-profit organization in WA, USA called "My Sister's Keeper." It's aimed at helped women who have been abused and are in the process of getting help. Your talk encouraged me that there is hope for the future, even if it is a long way off.

    Thank you again for your work.

    Elizabeth Licata

  5. My god! U and ur team are such a bold bunch of people with such huge hearts!!! The world is a better place with you people in it!!!

  6. Dr Krishnan,
    I have been following your articles and about your fight against the evil, since an article appeared in rediff.com in 2007. Undoubtedly Ted.com has brought this organization to light and I hope I pray things fall in place.

    All the very best.

  7. Hi Suni,

    God Bless you, am sure one day and very soon you will make a greater impact on lives of many people.

  8. In this Kali Yuga, being/doing good is very tough.
    The Governing body is so corrupted and the guilty can pay and surface.
    The honesty is not materially rich and suffocates in the society.
    The wheel will spin back to prove the TRUTH ALONE TRIUMPH

  9. നന്മ നിറഞ്ഞ പ്രവര്‍ത്തനങ്ങള്‍ക്ക് ആദരവോടെ.

  10. God will help you dear Sunitha Mam, we all are with you. Continue your good work !!

  11. Few people have the courage to battle it out.You are doing it!!All the best!!Stay strong and know that there are people rooting for you too

    All I can do now is send good wishes and support!!!

  12. Sunitha Mam, I'm a student of IIT Guwahati (don't want to reveal my name).....wanted to talk....May I have your email id?
    you can send me at angel.foryou3@gmail.com
    Will be obliged.

  13. You are reallyyy great.... Keep going...

  14. Go on sunitha.............by watching ur determination on TED, am damn sure that u will solve all ur problems soon.........

    if dere is any help i can do to you and your organisation as a student, dont hesitate to contact me
    IIT G

  15. Don't Quit

    When things go wrong as they sometimes will,

    When the road you're trudging seems all up hill,

    When the funds are low and the debts are high

    And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,

    When care is pressing you down a bit,

    Rest if you must, but don't you quit.

    Life is queer with its twists and turns,

    As every one of us sometimes learns,

    And many a failure turns about

    When he might have won had he stuck it out;

    Don't give up though the pace seems slow--

    You may succeed with another blow,

    Success is failure turned inside out--

    The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,

    And you never can tell how close you are,

    It may be near when it seems so far;

    So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit--

    It's when things seem worst that you must not quit.

  16. Just saw your last year video of TED... You are the bravest women that i have seen in till now...
    Keep saving more women, as every one in this world deserves a happy life.. :)

  17. Your talk has inspired me a great deal. I will definitely fight for such an important cause and try to make people aware of it. Hats off to your fighting spirit..

  18. God Bless you always!You are doing a great job. i am totally amazed by your capability and strength you built in yourself. We the youngsters are always there to give hand and rescue this innocent people lives.You are the god for these persons and they will get acceptance by the society....Yes!! WE CAN Sunitha madam.

    Thank you.

  19. wow..Sunithaji.. i just watched your video on TED. India is proud of you and so is the world. I cant believe how corrupt our nation is. they will do anything to stop justice. You have been led by the mighty arms of God and that is why you have so much courage and will power. Whatever said here can never be compared to the deeds done by you ji. God bless you and your team.

  20. Sankalp Sharma, New DelhiNovember 15, 2010 at 9:48 AM

    Dr Sunitha,

    I just watched your Speech at TED, I must say it moved me beyond my own expectations. I believe that I am quite a courageous person, but when I look at you and your team... I am non existent.
    I do not know, if any of what I am saying is relevant in any way, yet i cannot stop myself from saying this .. that though I have not met you in person.. yet I am honored and extremely fortunate to know about you. In your Speech, you asked all of us to apply our brains and give ourselves one reason to give acceptance.
    Ma'am I have my reason....

    " I am a Human being",

    And although today I only have my words to say to you ... but if in times to come, if I am lucky enough to make a difference to your cause, i will never back down.

  21. Madam. Hats off to you. Wish you all the very best. I have no words to say. We need people like you.

  22. Seriously Hats off to you madam... love your courage and confidence...Our support and prayers are there with you.

  23. Ma'am... Hearing Your TED talk & reading the above incidents, I really wonder, "Is this world so bad that we can count good people (only few)?!Is money & evil so much powerful than goodness?!" And the biggest question in my mind is "Why some women are acting against this good cause?!" I have heared that good & bad co-exists.... But I can't accept bad prevailing good..

  24. i only have one word to describe u sunitha....u r simply "GREAT"...i think the world is good to live in only coz of people like u...hats off to u...

  25. I'm a student at an Engineering college in Chennai. Just saw your blog. Is there anything help you want from students front? I'll be more than glad if I could make a contribution in this mammoth effort and task of yours. Kindly contact at diyanusha[at]yahoo.co.in. Hats off to your courage, determination and attitude!

  26. fantastic work sunitha. if we as NRIs were to raise money for your cause where should it be sent to? or if we can help in any other way can you please make a statement? too simple to think of an appropriate act myself.

    God bless you.

  27. we are really moved, wish we could contribute in some way. i am a student of presidency college, kolkata, and also have in the past worked with CRY(CHILD RELIEF AND YOU). you may send your suggestions for help at the following email: somakbiswas.5042@gmail.com. i am really moved by your sincere efforts, and do wish to contribute, in our very small way, to your cause. i know, u r really busy to correspond maybe, but it would really make a difference, perhaps.
    sincerely yours,

  28. I really want to join the struggle. Contribute to the society. I have always wanted to live for someone and not for myself only.

    I'm deeply moved by your courage and the purpose that you have. I'm so desperate to be a part of it and make use of myself to somethings very constructive.

    If I have any chance to be a part of the team, please let me know. here is my email ID : jendreamer25@gmail.com.

    May God Bless you, your team, your purpose and all the people who are not as lucky as me and you.

  29. ma'am am a student of an engineering college seriously was moved by ur contribution 2 d society will definitely like to contribute watever i can HATS OFFF 2 U MA'AM hope many sunithas come ot wid d brave heart lyk u 2 fight against d odds

  30. just listened to your talk on Ted. You are inspiring. Keep up the good work...we need more people like you.

  31. I watched your TED talk from a link on Facebook. I had tears in my eyes at the end of it. You are an incredible woman. I don't want to say you are strong because that makes all this seem explainable...but you've fought so hard to find the strength that lives in all of us. It was enormously inspiring to listen. All my love and salutations.

  32. All the best Sunita. You are doing a great job for our country! Please go on...

  33. hi Mam, I am an audiologist, doing my final yr. masters program, i am really surprised and overwhelmed that how courageously you are struggling in each step and beautifully coming up with the growing patience and support...to acheive your aim...
    i just wanted to appreciate the brilliant work you are in, and would like to help in whatever way i can...
    all the best..

  34. Hi,
    I just saw the conference video. As a women we forget our powers most of the time. I wish you a good luck for all your good works. Hope this society will change at least in our generation.Our country needs women like you, need thousands of them. I hope i will do smothing useful for our society.

    Please blog often.

  35. can i have your email ID?????
    my ID is deeptishine@gmail.com.....

  36. True..........

    Miracles give you renewed energy but life goes on and bigger battles await you at every corner.

  37. Hai Sunitha

    ur doing a great job to t society not many people have will power like u wish i could have t same like u...!!! but defiantly i will try to be a part of ur dream to spread t story on and on ....
    God bless u..!!!

  38. Dear Dr. Krishnan: I saw your speech on TED and was deeply moved. I cannot imagine the plight of so many young victims ..as young as 3! And your blog reveals how hard your work is against the goonds, corrupt powerful people and the society.
    I wish i can be of any help. My email is shalini.rachit@gmail.com.

    Thank you,

  39. Dear Dr.Krishnan,
    Recently i got a chance to witness your speech in FB and was stunned by your efforts to stop child trafficking. I feel proud as a fellow citizen with the service and intentions but, at the same time feel guilty how brutal the male society have been to the children and women. All these years i always had a voice inside me rising against child abuse, violence against women, trafficking etc. Today after i saw your courage and dignity to fight against child trafficking i have felt within me that i can also have my voice heard by joining hands with you against this brutality. I am currently in USA please let me know if i could be of any help in this journey. Let god bless you and your organisation.
    Thank you and Jai hind,
    e-mail: aravindan08@gmail.com

  40. Saw the TED video recently. Words fail me as I write this comment. Your courage and determination in carrying on this laudable work is commendable. Very few people are worthy of praise as you are.

    People like me only pay lip-service to such causes and continue with our mundane existence.


  41. Like Gopalkrishnan, I just watched your TED video and I am speechless. Rather, I prefer not to say anything because my unholy lip-service is not required.

    If I can be of assistance to you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

  42. heard to your talk its awesome

    i do want to assist you n it would be of great pleasure to assist you

  43. I was so sad to hear that a lady officer , wanted to collect bribe rather than helping , ironic no wonder she is not any different from the rest of the people who commit henious crimes ...

  44. Hi Ma'am,

    I just listened your speech for TED. It was very inspiring. I an an Indian student in USA. I feel greatly for these kids and women. I would like to contribute in every way I can to help you and your organization.

    My email Id is neetha_sind@yahoo.com. I believe in human strength to achieve more. I am software engineer doing my Masters in Management. If you can think of anything I could do, I would love to assist you.

    Neetha Sindhu

  45. Its still good to see that there are people in the country who are ready to fight for what they believe.
    I am a physicist and at one point of time I did come close to a number of prostitutes when I was actually searching for some cure for a psychiatric disease. And one thing I realized is that a lot of them do go through the Stockholm syndrome, especially the young ones. And often it is not exactly a better opportunity in life that attracts them but for those who are young in age, love attracts them more. Love and a promise of a good life, which may not have a lot of money but has a lot of emotions.
    And to stop trafficking and to make these victims to be truly accepted in life and society we need a massive overhauling of our social structure.
    For example in the article where you described the betrayal by one of the victims whom you rescued, I think it more about love than Stockholm syndrome. If you manage to pull them out and give them an alternate livelihood and education I dont think that will help in the long run. Because after sometime, given our society, they will start to suffer from loneliness and depression. And I feel that it is the main reason for the Stockholm syndrome.
    However, something like that will not be usually visible in victims who have their own children as often their attraction and love for their children may overcome the feeling of loneliness. But I think that young victims are more prone to fall for such situations.

  46. Dear Sunitha,
    I am a student & am situated in bangalore. Apart from the paltry monetary contribution that i will be sending to your organization, i would also like to contribute with my time. Do you have a branch or satellite centre in bangalore? Since my schedule does not allow me to devote more than a couple of hours every week, i would like to devote this to doing something i like: teaching english and/or science to the children that your shelter supports, if there is any such educational programme in place.
    Please do let me know.
    Posting a comment here would be of mammoth help.

  47. God bless u. U r really great. i m pround to see you.I salute u.

  48. Hi, I own a Facility Management company, and have operations in Bombay, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore.

    I can provide employment.

    You can reach me at rjsoulgarage@gmail.com

  49. Mam, i just wanted to tell you that you are simply great and keep up the good work..

  50. Hi Sunitha,

    I have just finished watching your TED speech and read your latest blog. I'm struggling for words. You are absolutely right, I myself live in my limited bubble. Well you burst it somewhat tonight and good of you.

    In my very limited way I promise to promote your work to friends, family and whoever will listen.

    I have rarely agreed with my husband on supporting any Indian organisations (corruption). But we promise a regular contribution and I hope if and when we return to Hyderabad we will be able to offer acceptance! and our time.

  51. Motivation and inspiration are obvious yields... how can I help you and your organization in terms of money and efforts?


  52. Sunitha, tears started running through my eyes as I read your posts.. I am so moved by your honest efforts.I know that you need a lot more than empathy to help you keep doing what you are doing.
    I grew up in Hyderabad, in a so called respectable family,I am a victim of child molestation and rape myself when I was 8 years old by my father and it took a lot of years for me to come to grips with the reality,I spent years in agony and soltitude and struggled within myself to be able to forgive.. My childhood was lost in anger and helplessness.. what a waste.I am 28 years old now, independent and successful and I am now capable of helping young girls who go through the same hell that I went through.
    I have a long way to go and would like to associate myself with your organization.
    Sunitha, by helping these children I feel like I can help myself.I will try to support this cause in every way I can.How can I help ?

    Anybody that's reading this blog and just wants your story to be heard can email me.
    .. swapna.


  53. My salute to u mam i was unaware for such cruelty doped society of ours really i m just wandering for words to express my feelings for victims of our so called civilized society.I want to support this cause how can i help?

  54. Dear Dr. Krishnan:

    I'm not sure if you'll read this comment. I chanced upon your vdo on TED a little while ago. You have Done what had to be Done, Sunitha while there is still so much more to Do. People have complimented, blessed, wished and saluted you for something that was absoutely Urgent & Normal!
    It is their Generosity and yet it shows how far we are from making this happen as a natural piece of work that includes lives of all and make fundamental changes in the Society, we feel proud to live in.
    Words have been many, exchanges too but actions only few. Its Time TO DO, ACT on THINGS and the Time is NOW!
    Please contact me if there is anything that we could do to reach out together.
    My email id is richa_mumbai2005@yahoo.com

    Thanks and God Bless You for all that still waits to accomplished.

    Warm regards,

  55. Hi Sunita,

    I just watched ur TED video. It moved me. I have small daughter too. What I can get out of all this is , that the so called Assur or Raksha's has not gone anywhere, they still exist in form of humans. Please let me know how can I help u. Please post ur contact details so I can talk to u and help u. My life will be worth it , if I can help u even a little.


  56. Hello mam ! well things you do inspire me a lot.. a hell lot.. and i seek for your help and guidance..! i hav my own organization formed.. a SOCIAL WELFARE organization! i plead you to assit me in my venture.. well m jus 19 years old and i aint lik d many wh ll sit n watch things happen around me.. i can be of real use to yu.. we r jus a budding organization.. we want ppl lik yu so tat many many people can be reached out.. pl contact me at ak_aura@hotmail.com.. or pl gimme your contact email..i shall contact you with all the details.. waiting very eagerly ! thankq.. hats off to yu !

  57. maam, i'm from Yuva Varadhi....u inspired us by being a speaker in one of our conferences... In what way v can be a part of prajwala n help u in this regard??? we are eagerly waiting to work with u...

  58. In a long journey, it will be great to have some breaks, especially one before we embark on one of the toughest routes. Believe this year was one such for you, a momentary break starting at TED but what followed has been even tougher. I believe you have seen enough in life to overcome these debacles. But this time around just remember there are more people to cheer you, support you and help you out.

    Go out and do what is good for the organization, we are there.

  59. Hi mam,
    I never realized sitting in my home under my parents protection that this is also a reality.
    Am a management student in bangalore, i do work wid few NGO's for their management.
    pls let me know if i can contribute in anyway, creating awareness thru social networking sites about the work you are doing or the problems you are facing,or in any way i'll be more then happy to do so.
    Am not able to find any contact detail of u or ur org.
    My id is anushka.agarwal06@gmail.com

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. Hi sunithaji,
    I saw your ted video in facebook through my friend who had shared it. I am crying when i am writing this
    i dint know small kids are used in society for exploitation.
    I agree with you my parents never want me to mingle with people who are infected by HIV.
    From today i am going to answer in my way to people i will make them understand they are also human being and for sure i salute you Sunithaji
    Jai Guru Dev

  62. Just saw your video on Facebook...cann't stop thinking about the issue and ways to stop it...where can we donate online?

  63. u r awesome
    i want to bcome like u
    and beat those assholes by my bare hands...pardon my language..
    jst saw the video cant stop my emotions..
    i m studyin rt now but as i bcome sumthng i wll fully join ur organisation to stop this massacre...
    and what i will do thn it wd be a nightmare for them....u wll see

  64. oh mam!! im deepa lilly....im jus 19 years old.......i wz born n brought in uae.......i dun knw mch abt ma land-india..... im nw goin collge hre in manipal.....i realli wish i culd hlp sum hw...i knw im vry young n cnt realli hlp........bt wid ma heart n soul i wan 2 mke a difference.......i realli wish if u culd contact m....tell me sum wys i cn hlp u....n i realli will.........i reali wan 2 hlp......plzzzzzz reply to ma comment...its a request....i hav neva done nythng 4 de world till nw.....i realli wish b4 i die i mke a difference........hope u hlp m accoplish ma wish....n by de wy im stdyin 2 b a architect.......... waitin 4 ur rpy....

    (fingrs crossed 4 a rpy)

  65. Dear Sunitha,
    I just watched your video on TED, which was shared to me on my facebook profile. It was inspiring. Tried your prajala website, but i guess it is down. Does the website have details if people need to send contributions to your noble cause. Would appreciate, if you could let me know.
    Thank you.

  66. Dear Sunitha
    Just had a chance to watch the TED video and this article. You are inspiring and carrying on a great task. Pls donot quit - the challenges make us much stronger.

  67. Dear Sunitha
    Can I have your email ID..Happy to support in any small way that I can.

  68. I have read about you one month back.Today I watched that video.To be frank,I dint have any specific goals till then.Just 1 month before I decided what I need to do...Plz mail me ur email id so that i can contact you and send some money(as much as I can)as a small help as of now.

  69. Dear Sunita,

    I just came across the work you have been doing as your presentation at the TED conference has lately gained a lot of popularity on Facebook. The facts were shocking and suddenly there were many of us who wanted to do our part in joining you to for the cause you have been fighting for.

    Unfortunately, I received a feedback that made many of us doubt the authenticity of some of the materials presented. Two of pictures also appears in another website under their cause - http://www.faluninfo.net/gallery/5/?page=3
    and http://www.faluninfo.net/gallery/5/?page=4

    with their own stories behind it. Now I know that this website could have also taken the images from you. But, since as you stated, these are pictures of the victims you saved, if you could just give us more proof regarding it, it would really help many of gain a lot of more confidence to support you fully in your cause. I for one, truly want to do my part for this and this will not possible if I have the slightest doubt in the stated facts and your actions. And I'm sure this may be applicable to many others as well.

    If there are others out there who have something to say regarding my comment, which could help clear the doubts some of us have, please let me know.

    Thank you.

  70. Dear Sunitha

    I still cant get over! I am so lucky to have met you in Hyderabad! Have been reading all about you ever since. What an extraordinary creature you are! My greatest regards for you and all those lovely children and women with you!
    Mondira Dutta, SIS, JNU, New Delhi

  71. yes,indeed, you are the bravest woman i have even seen in my life..have no words for your work other than 'may God Almighty, if it exists remove all barriers in your work'.

  72. Dear Saritha,
    The first three pictures, and the pictures of girls working(welding etc) are pictures of victims we have rescued, rest of the pictures used to explain the journey of a victim are pictures downloaded from internet to depict similar torture that trafficked victims go through inside the brothel...unfortunately we were never there to take those inside the brothel...but testimonies of victims has given us an insight on what goes inside those hellholes.
    Regarding supporting us or not it is your take...rest assured with or without it we will continue to work.
    A word of advice do not go by speeches to reach out to a cause, if you really care go and see it for yourself and evolve your conviction.
    I receive a lot support through letters/mails/comments/feedbacks, 80% of them remain eternally as words and never translate into action.
    I feel immensely honored that there people out there trying to find out the validity of the pictures used, I wish they will take similar efforts to find out the validity of the words I am uttering...the day they can do it...you will understand the term "support"

  73. Dear Sunitha,

    Thank you so much for your reply and clearing it up for us. I have shared it with my cousin who found these contradicting pictures along with the following reply.

    "I found out that she has a blog and asked her about this on it.. Never expected to get a reply.. I posted a message there because I really did feel she was fighting for this cause and it would be a pity that you totally dismiss her efforts and create doubts about it in the minds of others too because of just two of the pictures in the presentation. I think what really matters is the cause itself.. Google up her work and awards she has received. I'm sure the jury would have done their role of validating her work before presenting the award.. And like what she has mentioned, I'm sort of ashamed that I too got caught up in validating the materials presented and not the cause itself."

    I truly am sorry for questioning your presentation and I know that should not have been my focus. And I have to thank you for pushing my focus to be in the right direction.
    The reason I and others did share out your presentation on Facebook in the first place, is because we do believe in what you are fighting for and believed many others should also be aware of this harsh reality.

    I think what you and your team have been doing for the part 2-3 decades is simply amazing. The word "Amazing" is actually an understatement. The number of lives you have restored and like I had mentioned earlier, I do want to do whatever I can to help. I'm currently residing in Malaysia. Other than spreading the word, the one form of support I can think of that I can offer from here is monetary though the amount may not be big. Just whatever bit I can do to help. Please let me know how I can do this. Or if there is any other way my friends and I here can help. My email address is saritha86@hotmail.com . I really hope to get a reply from you for this.

    Thank you..!!

  74. Dear Sunitha, I just saw your presentation on TED and am deeply touched by what you are doing. I salute your courage for deep as my sympathy is for the cause, I know for a fact that I don't have the courage that you are displaying. I salute your drive, for it would need a lot of drive to have achieved what you have. I salute your compassion, for surely that is the source for your drive and courage. God give you all three in plenty so that you can continue the work you have started, may God bless you with the ears and hands of those who can help you, may God help these girls and women find a peaceful life. My heartfelt wishes for your continued success. And on behalf of womenkind, Thank You.

  75. Hats off sunitha..v jus bow our heads.. a great work is being done by you...its not just an individual's responsibilty...but a soceity's resiponsibility..As you have mentioned in your speech saying that,just pass on the message to two other people and tell them to do the same..I will just start that tree of saving sexual traficking..hope people realize the value of lives...we all stand by you and help you in moving forward.
    Thank you...

  76. Dear Saritha,
    Doubts are justified as there are so many claims of good work done, so the best thing is to make one's own research and find answers. There are too many people with the gift of gab around...who can take a lot of others for a ride. So don't be harsh on your cousin,she/he has done only what is natural..the only catch basing their judgement only a frivolous evidence.
    You can support us spreading the message of cause...helping us creating a society/world which does not tolerate such violence...such violence.

  77. Hi Sunitha,

    I am Annamalai Software engineer from Chennai, I need to join my hands with you to help my sisters who are all in trouble... I don't know how to start and where as well. Please advice.

    Annamalai A.

  78. great article according to gita if some one grows their problem will also grow so this is a sign of your success never give up your hope
    we are there for you to support across the world no power will do any harm for a greatest woman of man kind like you you are the next Mother Teresa with love on this centenary

  79. Dear Deepa Lily,
    Please uncross your fingers, do check my website www.prajwalaindia.com for some of your answers (How u can support us page).If you make up your made and apply your thoughts you can do anything

  80. madam you are simply superb...is there any helpline numbers so that whenever we witness anything wrong we can contact ur team to rescue the gals.

  81. Hi dear,this is Nagma.I'm highly touched by your speech..I'm an undergraduate student of University of Pune,Maharashtra.I would like to work with you.is it possible?
    awaiting for your reply on nagma_s7@yahoo.in

  82. wanted to speak to you... please leave a msg in our mail id

  83. We would like to prepare a feature about you and your activities in our magazine December issue.. as it is AIDS special.. please give us your contact details..

  84. Dear Sunitha,
    You have come to earth on a special mission. You are an angel...God Bless you.

  85. Hi Sunitha,
    I just came across your talk and blog, and am amazed at the way u r trying ur best to make a difference. Keep up the good job, and be a lead to all like us who can start something similar and make a huge diff.


  86. dear mam,

    i saw ur video of TED. u r awesome. i know i can not do like u did. but i would love to assist u in your work. yashadasv@gmail.com is my mail id. hope i'll find my path. n u will reply. yashada

  87. Namasthey Sunitha garu,
    Have got to know about you very lately,but m very happy u have a blog for mutual communication.It never hit my mind so hard before,ur speech in the TED conference made it think very seriously.I am very much moved by your confidence and hope.I promise I would for sure support your organization in what ever way I can.Request you to keep us posted on the happenings.Wishing you all the very best.

  88. Hi Sunitha,

    All the best for your efforts.

    I do want to contribute... don't know in what way... not yet started.

    my email... rijoscletus@gmail.com

  89. Dear Dr. Krishnan,

    I will like to contribute some money to the cause. Is there an online way of sending the money to prajwala? I am in the US. RohitJately@gmail.com

  90. our website www.prajwalaindia.com, pl see the how you can support us page

  91. Dear Sunitha,
    My contribution to your cause will start with education. Educating my son that a woman has to always be treated with dignity and respect no matter what the state of his mind, educating my daughters that they don't need to take crap from anybody just because they are girls. I will ask them in turn to educate their friends and peers. The change should begin in ourselves, to prevent exploiting others' weakness in every situation we encounter. I wish the ladies confidence in themselves, the power to turn a bad experience into something powerful as you have done. My deepest respect and gratitude are with you.

  92. My deepest respect and gratitude to you...We are students of IIT...we are writing a play on social acceptance of rehabilitated sex workers...your input shall be of most valuable for us...

  93. Hello Sunita Di...

    My name is Ajay Singh and I m 26 yrs old boy and I really want to join TED so please reply me what to do for that..

    My email ID is "jhon4all@gmail.com"

    One thing I want to share with you all guys that while I was watching Video I was crying , I don't the reason behind that.

    I am requesting to all the people who are living in this world that we need to increase our voice against this type of humanity.

    We all are family and I think we don't want with any members to live this type of life..

    Thanks and regards:
    Ajay Singh

  94. Madam, I was really inspired by the TED video I saw few months ago and from then onward I have always been making people aware of it and support the victims.

  95. just heard your inspirational talk. want to contribute your cause as a lawyer.

  96. I just watched your TED talk. It was absolutely fabulous. Keep up the great work! I am a freelance photojournalist and would love to help. Please let me know if there's anything I can do. All my best, Liesl

  97. I dont know if GOD exists or not... but you are the GOD for the Kids who are saved by you... Too young to bless you.. but still i DO bless and wish you all success to "Save Children"

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  99. I just watched your TED video, don't understand how kids less than 10yrs of age are victims of sex abuse, the evil in our society needs to be killed, our Indian law needs to be changed, the men who involve in sexual abuse to be hanged till death.

  100. Dear Sunitha, I am truly heart broken after listening to your TED speech to know the crimes happening to women and the kids as young as 3 years old. God can't be everywhere but he exists within us in the form of a few people like you. Please keep your great work going and I would like to help you as much as possible. But the least I could do now is to donate some money. I will use the link in your website to do so. Take care and god bless you.

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