Friday, November 20, 2009

Some Respite...After a Storm

Finally we were able to purchase some land 60 kms from Hyderabad. It is a joyous and a scary moment. Joy for going one step further and a lot of fear in terms of how are we going to manage the construction of such a large place...over 600 a secure place.
Early on in my life, I was very clear that my conviction and beliefs are going to be the guiding principle for all that I do and facilitate. There have been times when I had to pause for a while contemplating whether it is such a good idea to stick on to your convictions. These were times when I refused financial support from a donor realizing the contradictory beliefs the donor had regarding commercial sexual exploitation or when I decided not to accept financial support from the government in order to maintain the organizational autonomy in advocacy. In all such times I was branded arrogant...headstrong and off course anti establishment.In some forums I am told there is a uncomfortable silence when my name is taken. I wondered in all those times am I rigid? am i insecure? am i incorrigible?
Something...somewhere in my soul supported my stand...gave it the strength it deserved to sustain. Today I have no regrets...
As today I am convinced that to ensure financial support for the organization I need not sell my soul...become project based rather than need strategies/programs where funding is ensured...parrot thoughts and ideas that I do not personally believe in...funding will find its way also through genuine conviction and commitment to make a difference in the lives of people I serve.
Buying the land through the timely support of Mr M H Dalmiya is one such testimony of truth prevailing against all odds recognizing commitment for the cause.
Hope all adversities

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Immunity for those fighting slavery

Today my doctor told me I need to have a surgery on my ear. As I sit back and mull about this...I realize this is one of the many irreversible prices I have to pay for being a activist fighting sex trafficking.
Years back goons beat me up damaging an ear...many years later I continue to face the aftermath of it in the form of partial deafness and a second surgery on the same ear.
Sometimes I wonder why there are only so few people who actually fight this form of modern day slavery...maybe one reason is the absolute lack of safety provided either by the state or the civil society.
Can we truly create a counter culture in this kind of hostile clan is more or less a extinct can we save this clan...should we atleast not talk about it...before we are clubbed with rhinos or hippos.