Friday, February 11, 2011

Prajwala on Facebook

As an organization, we want to thank those of you who have begun the discussion about Prajwala and the flesh trade on facebook. We appreciate your continued efforts as they truly make a difference.

To enhance your current efforts, please also "like" the official Prajwala fanpage on facebook found here.

Our dream is that the fan page will be a platform to hold discussions, share ideas, provide updates, and connect thousands of anti-trafficking crusaders from around the world.

Please join us and thank you for your support.


  1. Done, Sunitha.

    We need to look for every form of awareness and support for this cause and Facebook is a very good place to build it.

  2. Sunitha, I recently had someone ask about archetypes. I did not know what to think of this. But when I see how you have transformed your pain to power to help others I see you are the archetype of the wounded warrior who gains strength from what they have been through.

  3. sunitha.. i wannna help to your organization ecnomically.. i can give 500 rs per month..
    is it possible?

  4. My first exposure to anti trafficking activities has been when i came to hyderabad 3 yrs like many a human being i was 'just' thinking and not doing anything...serious probe was made only a month back in fact...when i had time for 'myself'...i feel thinking should be abandoned and i have to aid the humanitarian cause the way i can...saw the website of prajwala...question is a student what next...i dont have patience to think anymore...i need to act...

  5. Hello Sunitha,

    I saw your TED video yesterday. I barely slept last nite...
    Your words were echoing in my ears....
    We take so many things for granted. Being a mother to a daughter, it was yesterday I understood, what it meant to secure your child.. Not just economically, but against all these social evil..!
    I respect your cause, and really wish to extend my help..
    I wannna help your organization ecnomically.. i can give 500 rs per month..
    is it possible?

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  7. Hi Sunitha. I have founded an incorporation in Australia - I Stop Traffic. We have just received our approval from the government to operate as an incorporated charity organisation. Our aim is to help groups like yours around the world, who are 'on the ground' in the countries that have the worst problems. Please join our cause at

    I can be reached at

  8. Hi Sunitha, I myself am a victim and was not supported by the society. Went thru divorce and lost my father.I stood strong bcos of the education my parents gave me and the attitude which i didnt have but which i built. A few of my friends made a difference in my life which is why i stand up today. Life feels normal and the grass is green and sky is blue. Hats off to your cause. The fear of society and its acceptance is the highest fear much more than our own personal fears.

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  10. Dear Sunitha,

    I'm touched by your TED video. Very few people can find the strength to do the work that you are doing. The least the rest of us can do is to contribute financially.


  11. I will follow..Salute ur efforts!

  12. Got goose bumps after watching your video on are one of your kind...I will do all I can to support Prajwala!
    I want to add this blog to my favs section...

  13. Dear Sunitha,

    I'm touched by your Speech. Very few people can find the strength to do the work that you are doing. The least the rest of us can do is to contribute by pass on this to more no. of People in the world & ensure them to stop sexually violation against children & youngster

  14. Dr. Krishnan,

    I have just watched your TED presentation and
    was singularly moved by you and your work. Having worked some in anti-trafficking projects myself I would be interested in seeing if I might join your NGO's work in some capacity. Under the auspices of the NGO Groupe Developpement in Kolkata I recently published a book of my documentary photographs JESSORE ROAD: JOURNEY TO FIGHT HUMAN TRAFFICKING, INDIA AND BANGLADESH that I would like to send you on-line if you would provide me an email address. I would like to do similar photographic work for you if I could. In any case, I would like to initiate contact with you
    and your organization.


    George McLemore, Ph.D.
    Department of Communication
    University of Texas-Pan American (Retired)

  15. Dr.Krishnan,
    as Vivekananda said 'do your work as worship':)urs has just began ..... has to go a long way to make this so called Indian civil society really

  16. Well done my dear sister. You are doing what no one can do...... all the very best.............

  17. great site, keep it up the good work.

  18. Dear Dr. Sunita

    I saw your presentation on TED, and I am more energetic now as I have seen a ‘warrior queen’ with immense courage, and compassion. People like you would not happen on this earth by accident, the great forces have a ‘great mission’ through you. You name the force GOD, or the "All Goodness".

    I know why I am dreaming like this. I wish you could be part of India against corruption team along with Aravind, Anna, Kiran, and Bhushan. We need a ‘Rani Rudrama devi “, like you in the fight.

    I am going to write a letter to them. I wish you could be part of the “purification” process along with them. Miracles will happen when great forces join together.

    I have friends with the similar thinking. We will collect signatures to make you part of the team.

    Please say ‘YES’

    Warm personal regards,

  19. Excellent, thanks
    I believe that to forge the peace is necessary to know all people opinions, because like this everything will function better, thanks

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  21. Hi mam..
    mam ur realy a inspiration to this generation..ur the person who thinks from heart rather the mind....u r doing a great job...a great salute for ur positive thinking mam....

  22. u r doing a great job...
    a greand salute for ur positive thinking mam.

  23. U are great Sunita. No words to praise you. God bless you.

  24. you are notonly good butalso very brave.I want to see because YOU ARE MY IDOL.IWORSHIPPED YOUR JOB.I WANT TO MEMBER OF THIS PRAJWAL.