Sunday, June 13, 2010

Feature Film on Sex Trafficking

Finally after using many tools to sensitize the communities, I feel the compelling urge to make a feature film on sex trafficking. Is it too ambitious? Still my conviction to make one is not changing. This urge is not fact it is more than a year old. Some real life instances became the triggering point...Rajesh my husband gave it a shape in the form of a powerful story & a screenplay which is targeted at a mass audience. I am definitely sure I want to make a film that touches the masses and gains critical acclaim. And so Durga was born. So why am I blogging?
Largely to seek your support.
What we have?
-A powerful script
-A sensitive internationally acclaimed director willing to work freely
-A sensitized credible technical team willing to work freely
-A potential for making the film tax free in Andhra Pradesh
-And a minimal working capital

What we need?
- To raise Rupees 1 crore ( need not be a single investor or better still a donor, even if a 100 persons join and make it happen it will be great.
-To search and identify talented fresh faces( to play the lead and other characters) who should at least speak telugu.
-To get houses, hotels,farm houses, resorts as locations free of cost.
- To find media partners for promotion
-To find a good distributer

What we want to achieve?
-Target a large audience to sensitize on the issue of sex trafficking
-Ensure commercial viability to support our work.
-Shake all existing trafficking networks in AP by way of presentation of reality.

Now I am seeking support...hopefully one of you will respond.


  1. The idea is good. I think we need to create groups and work on this project. To start, we need to create groups - a. focus on funding b. look out for Writers c. look out for Directors...

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  2. Please take a look at this:

    This is about a private equity fund for socially conscious films in India.
    I am sure they will be glad to support you.


  4. hi mam,

    I am Phd scholar in biotechnology field.I am very much inspire with your thinking and idea. I really want to be a part of your organization and want to help our society.pls tell me how can I be part of your is my mailid- , pls mam send your suggestions through mail in your spare time.It will be immense pleasure for me ,If i will get a opportunity to be part of yourorganization.

  5. Its wonderful thought - if you remember the film Gajini is about this topic - though it was a commercial picture, with fights , music songs etc., you too can come up with a great story, the big directors/script writters etc might be able to help you to build a strong script and offer some good suggestions.
    Persons like Guitarist Prasanna or L Subramanyam, Drummer Shivamani ...there are lots of talented people, might ready to play music , and as far as involving more number of people as producers, please write to me as well, what ever little I can I would contribute ( or
    All the best

  6. I'd like to help you ... I have a few friends who are in the media business ... let me get in touch with them.

  7. hey thats a wonderful idea indeed...i can contribute to it by acting i guess...or else in any other way...

  8. pls post ur response in ur free time ....i wish i can work with ur organization which would help many people around ...

  9. All the best !!

    But spending 1 cr in movie, how much of impact we can make in this society ? There were/are lots of inspirational movies, but how much of impact those movies made in real life ?

    In the case of some movies, i found reading the script or the book is a better experience than watching a movie.

    So, I think spending that money in building up a team and spread the message thru them would create a better impact. I am sure this team would be able to make better impact and spread the message more effectively.

    What ever... I trust you. If u think making a movie is the best thing, i do support you and let me check what i can do. I have already shared this info with few others. Hope we should be able to do something.

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  12. Sunitha...
    I read all about you and your crusade only days before and I am speechless...
    How ignorant I was. I can't even believe the things happening to little children.
    Would like to contribute, anddto support you in whatever way I can. Please let me know how. Will watch this blog regularly.

  13. ரைட்டு ! தெரியாம வந்துட்டேன்

  14. Hi Sunitha, The Idea is good. But why with so BIG budget. You can think about Short films. It will make a larger/greater impact than a full featured film. Further you can ask all TV channels help to air it... a 10 mins enough (like a 30sec AD film which creates larger impact on you). 1C is a very BIG amount in our country. You can do 2 or 3 short films and use the remaining amount for your good works...

    Just my 2 cents...

  15. Hi,

    I think what Shun said is a good idea. If it is a small Video, we can ensure that it reaches to more people thru YouTube, E-Mail, Blog etc. Cost of production will be also less, and we can have multiple video clips.

  16. hi
    i am a NIFT passout... i would love to be associated with your film in terms of art direction or styling...
    if there is nething else i could help you out wid it wud be grt to work with you for such a cause

  17. Hello.
    The movie 'Trade' was (I think) the biggest movie about sex slavery made to date. It's a couple of years old, and had Kevin Kline in it. It's heart-wrenching.
    If you have not seen it, it would be a good reference. A great deal of US slaves come from the border with Mexico, according to the movie, and the State Department I believe.
    I am researching the most effective ways I could help the cause. I live in Texas. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  18. hey sunitha,

    I think its an amazing idea and you should go forward with it. I would had definetley helped you out if I was in India but I know how trafficking works and how it spreads itself all over the world. I am an activist by heart and I work on different issues here in Canada and I would had loved to act in your movie. But I wish you all the best.

    I look forward to the final product.

  19. re: captain Haddok - I have hope that an inspirational film can raise awareness and funds to again raise awareness.

    But it is a good reminder to thinking about what is invested in the film and that financially it would be good to be sure that there will be a profit somehow BECAUSE this will enable even more ambitious steps to the future. I don't even know how much 1 CR is, but it surely would be possible to find if:

    a) You have a strong script (without that of course this will be all much harder)
    b) you attract a known actress / actor to offer their participation for reduced cost - if in a smaller role then hopefully even for free.
    The stronger the cast the more likely the funding. Using unknown talent would be very nice, HOWEVER this will not reach the largest audience. A mix might be better.

    Wishing you so well!!!
    Hope to hear how this part of your incredibly strong project goes.
    Sending my love and warmth to you and all the children.

    Birgit. x

  20. Good idea. I am willing to support.

  21. Your Idea sounds quite good. But I would like to join another friend before me who has said that it may not have a big impact. I'm reminded of what Thomas Carlyle once said about Jesus Christ. Had Jesus come in the nineteenth century he wouldn't have been crucified, but would have been invited to give talks in clubs and other places and people would have applauded him and then would have forgotten him.
    Well let's take a look at what happened to that oscar-winning:"slumdog millionnaire?" Has it led to the slums becoming better places of life? So, without dampening your enthusiasm i would like to request you to ponder on its impact even assuming it becomes a boxoffice hit. Would it match the objectives you have in mind right now?
    And if you still want to listen to your heart and follow your intuition, well let me suggest that big guys like Aameer Khan, AR Rehman may like to help you out and Mani Ratnam too may be contacted.
    May the Good Lord Bless and help you in your noble efforts.

  22. Hi,i am a theatre artist in chennai and my mother tongue is telugu!!! if u think i am of any use to u .Then plz include me in this project!!! thankz!!

  23. all best regards and well wishes.

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  24. Sunita,
    i think you can have a lower budget short film which can have much more impact and can be turned around fast. May be then you can have a series of films to sustain for a longer duration.
    spending 1 Cr for one film may not be the best option.

  25. Perhaps a small but moving clip which could be used in all states of India (such as NSPCC ads in UK)through the TV net work and getting sponsers to show the ad via TV may help better and less expensive.You could use the stories from real life in short clips.You should be able to dubb it in various languages.If you get sponsers who are ready to display it on their internet sites for free -it could reach millions (eg world vision ads on malayala manorama internet page).

  26. mam i really wanna help in making of the movie.....and your idea abt making the movie is best..dnt drop it...cinema is best mode to connect with people...people hardly knows about these sex trafficking...if they know they will ignored it..but through art and will b easily to connect with people...make it more cinematic so it could travel in whole world through film festivals... real story will b power of this movie... i really wanna help .please mam if you think i could help in any way..u can message on ma gmail i will work for free...

  27. Hi Sunitha,

    Is the project still on? My friend is an independent film maker herself and i can assist you. If you can send me details on the current status of this project and what you need to go forward, i can be of help. You can reach me at

  28. Hello Sunitaji,

    Thanks to facebook I got to see your video and I am so speechless. Good luck with all your projects. Please post the status of your movie. I will try to help in whatever way that is possible. I will also pass the message about the cause your working for. As you said it is the society which can make a difference to all the victims, more people get to know about trafficking more sensible people will come forward to reduce what is happening in today's world.

    Once again I wish you all the very best from bottom of my heart. I will look forward to your response.

  29. a very good thought ....wanna contact u for this asap??? how can i???
    MY MAIL ID IS : respond

  30. hello sunitha,
    I am a student from mumbai, and i want to help you with this- in any possible way. i can be a co-ordinator of ur main branch and we can open up a branch in mumbai too.

    i need your response since i recently lost a friend of mine who was assaulted by his uncle and commited sucide

    we can help it stop, pl contact me asap. my mail id is -
    Preeti k

  31. Hello Sunitha,

    I am working in IT company in Pune. I have seen your video and i really want to help you in any manner. Please let me know how to contact you.
    My Email ID:
    And I want to thank you for doing this great job.

  32. Hi Sunitha,

    I am not sure if this could be of much help but I would suggest contacting people who have already made such films - . "Born into Brothels" happens to be an Indian film and so you could get all the different technical information, other problems they have faced and things which might make things easier. I am sure, they would help if you just try contacting them. I dont have any background from Films, so this is all I can suggest. I am into IT so if I can be of any help in this field, I would love to do my part.


  33. Hi Dr. Krishnan,
    Just saw your Video of the TED conference, I have no words to tell you how I feel. Touched and intimidated by the feeling that how small we are.

    Was really thinking of a means to join you, (I would not use the word help, I think we would only be helping ourselves by empowering these souls). I would like to have a direct communication with you. I am also working on a project for children, trying to build "homes" for the parentless children.
    Could I have your direct communication id's.
    Nitin Kochhar

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Hi Sunitha,
    This is Monish from Bangalore, willing to help you raise funds..

    Occupation: Student & Entrepreneur

    p.s Some women are are truly blessed to have you around.

  36. I am pro-actively making my contributions online. I want to be part of this project. What is the best way to approach? I can raise some funds as well.

  37. Hi Sunitha,

    It was great pleasure for me to go through content in this blog.I am a Software Engineer in Bangalore and wanted to be part of Prajwala.I belong to Anantapur district in A.P.I have 7 acres of land in Racherla village located close to NH-63 on Anantapur -- Bellary Highway.Hope you know prevalence of humantrafickeing is more in these two district due to severe drought conditions and low rain fall.I want to donate this land to Prajwala so that we can have one more place to help and serve the woman and children affected by various means.Here in Anantapur district Rural Development Trust (NGO) is doing awesome service to the poor and need by means of running hospitals and centres for HIV, AIDS,Childrens with disablity.Please contact me for furthur details on or on 9880099391.

    I want to mention below.

    Most people are suffering because of


    Let us join together and enlighten the public.

  38. I am a wanna be director.Definitely I am a better actor. U can try me for a role if u r interested.


    Passionate in Acting,
    Thank You

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